What does it mean?
Glamor infusion?

Regenerative, antiaging and therapeutic method of intravenous application of personalized formulas of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, electrolyte solutions) prepared and prescribed by a specialist doctor, all in the extremely pleasant ambience of the Glamor infusion room.

Intravenous administration involves the administration of infusion aqueous solutions through a vein directly into the circulation, which ensures the highest possible percentage (100%) of the utilization of ingested substances, which is impossible by taking supplements orally or in some other way. Water makes up 70% of the human body and variations in the amount in people lead to imbalance and therefore health.​​

Hydration achieved by infusions is the first and basic therapeutic effect.

When we say personalized infusions – we mean formulas that are made separately according to the current needs of each patient. Therefore, what is good for me may not be for you. Also, what is good for you today does not mean that it will be the same formula during the next visit.

It is very important for us to emphasize that the application of Glamour Infusion is performed by and under the control of Dr. Milena Šibalić, a doctor with many years of experience in intensive treatment and aesthetic medicine. In order to ensure the success of this method and prevent complications, it is important that it is performed by a professional in adequately adapted conditions.

We are sure that you will especially enjoy and have a therapeutic effect on the relaxing ambiance of our Glamor Infusion room

Personalized infusions

Imuno infusion

If you know how to listen to your body, you will always notice the first signs of a cold, viremia and relaxation of defense mechanisms in the fight against disease.

This is certainly the moment for applying our ImmunoInfusion. Also, if you suffer from a chronic disease or are exposed to chronic physical/mental exertion, are a smoker or a frequent drinker of alcohol – do not wait for your body to give you signs of relaxation, warn of the disease, schedule an examination – we will prepare our ImmunoInfusion for you.

Relax infusion

Stress, insomnia, anxiety.

Reduce the feeling of tension, improve the quality of sleep, help yourself fall asleep more easily and wake up sleepy. Improve your mood. By applying certain electrolytes within Relax Infusion, we act on the membranes of nerve cells, their stabilization and your improvement.

Sometimes there are solutions for PMS 😉

Beauty Infusion

We can describe this formula as care – from the inside out. After the application of the Beauty Infusion therapy, damaged, dehydrated skin is revitalized, hair and nails are renewed and shiny. Aging and decay of tissues is slowed down. The effects are visible and long-lasting.

Fitness infusion

If you exercise intensively, your tissue needs to be provided with adequate building nutrients, at the same time hydrated and cleansed of acidic, toxic products.

If you are on a special diet and want to lose weight, the ingredients from our formulas speed up your metabolism and at the same time compensate for the trace elements that are necessary for a healthy body and whose intake is often reduced in various diets.

Detox infusion

The modern way of life where we live fast, work a lot and sleep little results in the creation of an excessive amount of toxins in the body that trigger the mechanisms of tissue destruction and consequently creates a basis for accelerated aging, illness, low mood, libido, poor productivity and quality of life. When you know that some major effort, trip, exam, work…don’t hesitate, help yourself with Detox Infusions in our office. Periods of prolonged heavy exertion will pass – we must prevent the consequences!

One example is the AfterParty infusion – so the night before you had a good reason to be happy and the day after an important meeting or trip. Remove hangover hangovers and instantly restore vitality to the body.

Tailormade infusion

The name is reserved for different formulas with which we treat many conditions present in our population, such as: migraines, the consequences of time differences when traveling, anemia, painful conditions, etc.