What is lipolysis?

Lipolysis is one of the most effective treatments in aesthetic medicine for shaping the body today. Unlike liposuction, lipolysis is a non-invasive, non-surgical medical method of melting and removing unwanted fat deposits on the body. It is important to note that this is not a method for weight loss, but for the localized removal of fat deposits. As part of the treatment, the appropriate preparation is introduced directly into the adipose tissue, which breaks down the membrane of the fat cells and thus permanently decomposes and removes it.


When is lipolysis used?

When dieting and exercise cannot remove persistent fat deposits from certain parts of the body, such as: thighs, stomach, hips, chin and buttocks, then lipolysis is the right solution for you. There is an increasing need for non-invasive – surgical body reshaping methods, such as, for example. liposuction. So non-aggressive methods are gaining more and more popularity, and lipolysis is definitely one of them. Experts

they believe that lipolysis as a non-surgical method is the closest in effect to liposuction.

Effects of lipolysis

When the cocktail is absorbed into the fatty tissue, it encourages the breakdown of fat cells and the further elimination of fat from the body in a natural way. With one lipolysis treatment, you can expect a reduction in volume from 2cm to 6cm after one month.

Does it hurt?

The intervention is not painful. All you can feel is a slight sting when the cocktail is injected into the fatty tissue with thin needles.

Recovery and care after treatment

As lipolysis is performed by injecting a cocktail with needles, you should not be afraid of redness and burning after the treatment. It is very important that after lipolysis you turn to a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, because otherwise fat deposits can be created again.

The number of treatments is individual, it depends on each case. Experience shows that the best results in body shaping are obtained if lipolysis is combined with other treatments that promote and accelerate the process of removing localized fat deposits, such as lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite massage and thermal blanket.

Treatment duration: 30 minutes