Throughout history, female beauty has been the cause of many wars, the inspiration for the creation of the most significant and beautiful works of art – songs, paintings, books… You will agree with us that this is still the case today. 🙂 The first thing we notice about each person and what we remember the most later is definitely the face, especially the eyes and lips. Located on the central part of our face, they are a symbol of our smile, an instrument that allows us to put the most beautiful emotions and thoughts into words and give the most tender kisses.


Juicy, healthy lips are a priority for both girls who adore their fruit-flavored lips, and later women who often emphasize them with makeup. Before any kind of beautification, they must be cared for and require special attention like the rest of our face.

As a timeless symbol of femininity, all ladies strive to make them soft, plump and hydrated. We advise you to start with the simplest routines such as peeling that you should do from time to time and of course daily care in the form of a balm that will nourish and protect them from external factors. Dry, flaky lips require special dedication.

Although most women strive for this look and take proper care of themselves, unfortunately, some things like thin lips, lips without volume or bad shape cannot be compensated in this way.

Don’t worry, because thanks to aesthetic medicine and its methods, you can solve this problem in a completely painless and safe way in just a few minutes. 🙂


At the Glamor Aesthetic Clinic, we have been successfully creating the most beautiful lips for many years using safe and high-quality hyaluronic fillers. Together with Dr. Maja, our girls make all their dreams come true and enjoy sensual lips that leave them breathless.

What you must primarily keep in mind is that the process of lip correction or augmentation is not the same for everyone. It is precisely for this reason that it is very important to carry out consultations and clearly define what results we want to achieve. We recommend you to choose a verified and professional specialist who will advise you in the best possible way.

What should perfect lips look like? First of all, they are decorated with volume, then clear edges, slightly raised corners and a defined cupid’s bow. This is exactly how we would define sensual and natural lips that every lady would want. In this case, too, age has a great influence, so the mouth loses its fullness with aging, shrinks, and the ruddy part of the lips is almost not visible at all.


The lip augmentation trend is often applied incorrectly and unprofessionally, so social networks are flooded with photos of oversized lips that reject this treatment, instill distrust and fear. Among the women who want to undergo this treatment, there are often business women or mothers who are afraid of the reactions of their environment and the results that can spoil their appearance.

Nowadays, there are many unprofessional people who apply this method, and also dissatisfied clients, duck-like lips and health complications. To make sure that you have chosen a safe clinic, watch the video in which Dr. Maja talks about who is allowed to perform interventions of this type and under what conditions.


As pictures speak more than a thousand words, and the smiles of satisfied clients more than a million, we recommend you to visit our Instagram page and see how the lips created by the magic of the Glamor Aesthetic Clinic look like. 🙂

Our clients often opt for this method, which we ourselves adore, so it is part of many of Dr. Maja’s videos. Visit our IGTV and find out what girls expect from lip augmentation, what business women, wives, moms are afraid of, what women who have already had lip augmentation expect from lip augmentation and much more.


If you want plump, soft and defined lips, schedule a consultation and leave yourself in the safe hands of our doctor Maja.