What are MD codes?

MD codes are critical areas on the face where changes occur that are responsible for the appearance of signs of aging. By treating the face with hyaluronic fillers following the MD codes, we achieve the maximum effect of rejuvenation with the use of a minimum amount of substances, and most importantly, we achieve an absolutely natural effect.

There are a total of 75 MD codes on the face. As each face ages in a unique way, it is not necessary to treat all 75 points for each patient. It is precisely the role of the aesthetic doctor to determine your critical codes and inject the appropriate amount of hyaluronic acid into them. Therefore, each face has its own perfect combination of MD codes that will make it younger, more beautiful and more attractive.

MD codes have an undoubted advantage compared to all previous methods of applying fillers: a natural effect is achieved, the effect of being over-inflated is never obtained, it looks perfectly natural and in the end, in relation to the amount of filler applied, it achieves the greatest effect.