What is radiosurgery?

Radiowave surgery with the ELLMAN device is a modern, precise and effective intervention that permanently removes benign skin changes with the help of radiowave energy.

What can we treat with radio waves?

We can treat papillomas, fibromas, viral warts, cysts, cherry angiomas, sebroic keratoses, xanthelasma and condylomas with radio waves.


Where do changes occur most often?

The mentioned changes are most often formed on the neck, décolletage, armpits, trunk and eyelids.


What are the advantages of radio wave surgery?

This method removes all changes painlessly, permanently and effectively.

When removing changes on the skin with radio wave electrodes, the tissue is minimally traumatized, bleeding does not occur and wounds heal quickly, without the formation of scars.

This procedure achieves a good aesthetic result with just one intervention with the use of anesthetic cream in order to achieve maximum patient comfort.

Are there any side effects and what are they?
During the removal of the changes, a slight burning sensation may be felt, and after the intervention, there is redness, which subsides after 2-3 days.